Welcome to the home of the North Quadra Community Association (NQCA). All North Quadra Area residents of age 18 and over are eligible to become members. The residents are urged to become members by simply submitting an online application form on the MEETINGS/MEMBERSHIP page. We support and strive to improve the quality of life for North Quadra residents. We endeavor to foster and maintain a working relationship with Saanich Council and staff, business and service organizations, developers, special interest groups and other community associations for the betterment of our community. We advocate for residents on land use and development proposals. We review proposals to ascertain compliance with the OCP (Official Community Plan) and our Local Area Plan while seeking fair and appropriate community amenities. We endeavour to protect parklands, natural and recreational areas and strive to enhance alternate mode of travel by supporting sidewalks, cycle lanes and public transportation. We often present views on municipal, regional and provincial issues that are of common concerns to North Quadra Area residents.



News/Events: contains information on local events, initiatives, neighbourhood plans and proposed developments

Newsletter: provides a gallery of all the News letters newsletters published by the Association

Meetings and Membership: provides details of council meetings, minutes and membership

Stories: features items of local interest. We welcome your contributions!

Programs: provides a brief preview of NQCA programs and events (such as Tree for Free program)

Parks: lists park facilities within our community

Links: provides contact links for outside resources, local officials and URLS for websites of interest

Contact: If you have questions or suggestions, interested in signing up for our email registry, joining NQCA’s Board of Directors, or volunteering for Association activities such as Music In Park Event, newsletter deliveries, etc….please send us a note






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