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North Quadra Supporting Saanich’s Boulevard Tree Program


Project Description: The North Quadra Community Association continues to support tree planting initiatives, in partnership with Saanich and BC Hydro, to environmentally enhance neighborhood walkways, streetscapes and support “Urban Forest Renewal”. Past projects to plant 2 inch caliber trees along boulevards, pathways or property right-of–ways has been a resounding success…with demand often exceeding supply.

How does a boulevard tree benefit homeowners? To begin with, trees absorb sound, reduce air pollution, increase property value and act as traffic calmers. Of greater importance, trees are now hailed as an important asset in flood control. Larger tree crowns can intercept as much as 5,500 liters that evaporate yearly, instead of hitting the ground! Tree loss due to storms and disease increases the volume storm sewers must manage, so extra trees are a major protection against excessive drain-off and flooding on properties.

Will I be able to choose the tree type/species? Yes, many varieties are available within Saanich Park’s tree selection guidelines. This species list includes urban hardy, disease resistant trees of appropriate size and type for specific sites. See list attachment below.

Cost and obligation? There is NO COST to the homeowner even though Saanich Parks normally charges $150.00 per tree under their new incentive program. Actual cost projection is $400.00 per tree for purchase/planting/maintenance and 5 year watering program. The only commitment from residents is to agree (below) to water the tree for the first 3-5 years.

Is it better if several residents on one street sign-up? This is preferable since a greater number of trees enhance the esthetic and environmental value of the street. Funding priority will be directed to neighborhoods of highest participation. Street coordinators are helpful to facilitate this process. If you have space and suitable boulevard sites along property right-of-ways, it is possible to request more than one tree.

How do I apply?
Click here for application form:

Tree Tool Kit
Saanich Preferred Boulevard Tree List
Boulevard Tree Application Form

Community Association Contact/Liaison: Any questions? Call Lauraine Derman @ 250-479-0302 Email to



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